This is my first Painting a Day painting. I am embarking on this adventure for 1 year. Each painting will be numbered from 1 to 365 (although I will be taking weekends off). They will all be original oil paintings. Most will be on panel although this one is on canvas. Sometimes frames will be offered as an option. Each painting will be for sale through e-bay. Just click through on the "bid" line below.

I am very excited to see what direction all of these paintings take over the year. I will be studying with different local and national artists throughout the year which will be reflected in these paintings. I am signed up to study with International artist Quang Ho at the end of March. He is a figurative painter which should be a great stretch for me being mostly a landscape painter!

It's a great way to experiment and expand because the next painting is always 24 hours away. So stay tuned! Many more are coming. Feel free to forward this e-mail to others or e-mail us back if you'd like to be removed from the list.

You can also view more paintings by visiting my website. The link is included in this blog. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and add me to your favorites!

Happy New Year!