Getting ready to create

I spent the day today working on substrates to do encaustics and mixed media on. An artist friend of mine gave me a bunch of metal sheets 14" x 30". I bought some upholstery tacks and spent longer than I expected tacking the metal to wooden stretcher bars. The metal so so strong that I had to pierce the surface with a nail before the tacks would go through. Next I will need to rough up the surface of the metal so the venetian plaster I put on it will stick. The venetian plaster takes the place of gesso in this process. After sanding the plaster, I will be ready to paint!

The second piece of substrate I am preparing is also for encaustics. A while a go I bought a 4' x 8' sheet of foam installation and cut into smaller pieces for a project I was working on. I had a few pieces left so I covered one in venetian plaster and I spent the afternoon hollowing out a space in the back to try something that I don't even know will work. I have plans to do an encaustic piece of a Koi fish but I want to build layers of scales with watercolor paper dipped in wax and then illuminate it from the back. That required spending time at Home Depot today to figure out how to light it without melting it! Oh well. I needed upholstery tacks anyway!

I'll post the progression of both pieces shortly.