I am starting to think about what I want my encaustic paintings to look like. The word "etherial" keeps coming to mine.The beauty of encaustics is the transparency of the medium. Shawna Morre taught me how to obtain that transparency. I am so excited by the possibilities that I can achieve with this medium.I am preparing panels now to produce new work. The painting above is and isn't an encaustic.
It's a cold wax encaustic. Basically I feel cold wax encaustic is much more like an oil painting. The wax is used more as the medium with the oil paint. it can be heated with a heat gun but it is totally different from hot wax encaustics. I will be teaching an intro into hot wax encaustics next Saturday, June 29th in my studio at Pendleton Art Center at 11am. Let me know if you would like to attend.