Continuing to paint "Company Class"

Well, it has taken me close to 2 months to get both 3 foot by 6 foot canvases covered in paint. I still need lots of finessing before this painting is close to being finished. Right now I would say it is about two thirds done. I see a couple of ballerinas that I want to move around and the whole background to do but when I painted the last ballerina on friday, I decided to take the weekend off from working on this piece. I spent some time working in encaustics and I reworked a painting that I plan on giving to a gallery this week. I had another gallery that's in Cincinnati ask me on Friday to carry my work but I really don't have the inventory right now. I need to paint for the New York Expo. That is next on my list and coming up fast! The next time I post this painting it will be finished!!!