Eight little Plein Air paintings - Onekana, MI

This is the 7 paintings that I have done this last two weeks in Onekana, Michigan. Some are definitely more successful than others. All were done in two hours or less. I used a limited palette which is a big stretch for me. My studio palette is large and complicated. I can mix some amazing colors with it. But I have to admit that the limited palette has its merits! 

I have three more days here and I have two of my paintings planned out. One is the swampy wetlands that leads to the cottage. When the sun hits it, lighting up all of the complexity, it is beautiful. I have tried to photograph it, but I have never captured the way it really looks. So I am hoping to capture it plein aire. 

The second is at a golf resort called Arcadia Bluffs. It is really a beautiful spot on Lake Michigan. White adirondack chairs line the top of the golf holes which lead down to the great lake.  Accented with the heather that is everywhere, it is truly Heaven on Earth. 

I look forward to posting those later this week.