Two more Plein Air Michigan paintings- Wetlands & Arcadia Bluffs


Arcadia Bluffs

As promised, here are the last two days paintings, plein air. I painted the wetlands first. It was extremely hard. There are broken trees, limbs, shrubs, stuff and things everywhere. It is complicated to the eye. I usually love very complicated settings but it was difficult to find my way through the painting. 

Aracdia Bluffs was a joy. The only thing I wish was that I had painted from a higher vantage point. I had ask permission to paint and I set up in a spot that wouldn't in any way disturb the lunch crowd on the porch but that was really the best view. I do love the painting with the adirondack chairs. They weren't identical and the sun was on the front of them. It was a warm day in the sun and I painted without my umbrella with both palette and painting in the sun. I really want to go back tomorrow and paint again from the porch!