Art for commercial installations as apposed to residential.

I have been on Pinterest looking at Commercial Interior Design Installations. I am attempting to bridge the gap from artwork that I feel is very residential (not contemporary homes) and artwork that I would think would work in an office or medical building or a contemporary home. Right now I don't think a lot of my pieces work in both worlds. Some does but it is something of which I would like to pay more attention. I think the size and subject matter or technique is important. I have been working on paintings to put on my page for the Blink Resource Book. Below are 2 images that will be on my page.
Determination 36"x72" oil on plaster/canvas
Oak Leaf & Endless Summer 24"x30" oil/graphite on plaster/canvas

I actually painted these 3 paintings with the commercial/contemporary market in mind. The week before Thanksgiving I launched a website that features giclees and prints to primarily serve the Interior Design market. Fine Art America and tons of other websites are selling a zillion prints to the ID market and others. They basically retain the rights of the artist's work and then sell it to whoever for pennies on the dollar to the artist. They also offer all kinds of promotional material that they will put your art image on; bedspreads, mugs, totes, etc., once again giving the artist a pittance. I have a framer/printer in place that will receive the order on his computer the same instance that I do. He prints, packs and ships the order. I am paid at the time of the order from the client and when he ships, I pay him. So far, I am only selling prints of my paintings that have sold. My website also offers originals. I am attempting to find marketing avenues such as FB ads, Blink, Pinterest and other places to cultivate that audience. I am trying to be aware of ID trends as well. I understand the gold frame is out! And floater frames are in! I also have another bell and whistle on my website that I hope designers might use. You can select your print and size. Then select an option that shows the print in proportion in 8 different wall settings. You can also change the wall color to the color of your clients walls from manufacture's color number. I am working on shooting really big files for the printing process.

It's an exciting new endeavor and I am taking baby steps. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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