Christmas paintings

I am very interested in artists who do Christmas paintings and people who buy Christmas paintings. I see many of them on Facebook. I personally have never done one and I don't own any unless you count the angel painting I bought from Nelle Ferrara a few years back. (pictured below) It's a mixed media piece that I display all year round. That is my question with Holiday themed paintings. Do you display them all year round or do you put them away with the Christmas decorations? As far as artists who paint them. Are they big sellers? Do you price them in your regular pricing structure? Do you give them as gifts? Do the people who buy them give them as gifts. Please don't take this wrong, I am not knocking them. I am very curious about them! I would hate to buy a beautiful painting from an artist that I love and only display it during the month of December. Which comes back to what I do and leave it out all year. Many of the paintings that I have seen are of ornaments, candy canes and Christmas trees. Are they hanging in homes all year long? If you have one hanging in your home, please post it. I would love to see it!