Painting through the flu

This week, I got sick. I have been pushing really hard to launch my new website, do a commission, and finish 3 paintings on plaster for an ad I will be running in 2016. That, along with an open studio, working on advertising for the art building I am in, cooking, cleaning and being a wife at home all became too much for my ability to fight off illnesses and I got sick!  Oh, I also was selected for Jury duty, a 2 week commitment and I was to hang a holiday show at our local Art Club.  I wrote a letter to my local municipality and told them the truth: I'm an artist who is in the busiest time of the year, including commissions and that I have been seated for two other juries. I also emailed the head of the Holiday Art show and said I had the flu and couldn't hang my work. (I received notice that I have been excused from jury duty! Hooray!) I still had the commission and the 3 pieces for the ad to do. (Two of the pieces for the ad were done, one of them framed.) The one I had left was a 6'x3' piece where just preparing the plaster took over 3 days. Luckily, all of that was done and glued down before I got sick. So for 2 days, I painted alone in my studio. Alone with my painting. I didn't want to be around anyone and spread my germs. But, it was amazing! If I sat still on my yoga painting ball and just concentrated on painting, I could do it. I just systematically thought about the painting and kept asking the same question over and over, "What does the painting need?" Thank you, Stanka Kordic, for this life changing question! I was exhilarated to keep working while I was at my studio and then I would fall into bed afterwards. In there somewhere I went to the Doc at my Husband's urging and got a prescription for antibiotics and for the first time ever, a second prescription for probiotics to replace all of the good stuff that were being killed off by the antibiotics. In two days of focused painting, I got a whole lot done and tomorrow I hope to finish the painting and photograph the 3 for the upcoming ad. (The ad was due the end of November but no one has bugged me yet to get them the photos. I think that might be because of art Basel in Miami but the show closes tomorrow. Soooo, I feel much better and I can't wait to get to the studio and finish the painting tomorrow. By the way, the commission is more than 3/4th's done so the pressure is ebbing. no one understands how stressful the life of an artist can be. How can it be when it's "just a little hobby"! Happy Holidays, everyone!